Marshall Pennell-Owner at PennellChing Development

“B4 Media Production has a high level of expertise, a broad range of experience, and is dependable in the quality of their work. Our company demands a high level of professionalism in our technical productions and Beckie and her team deliver consistently. Plus…they are awesome.Shortly after we started PennellChing Development more than 11 years ago we got to know Beckie. She has been our tech director on 50 plus events since that day, ranging from weekend donor events at 5 star resorts to arena concerts. In several ways our business is in the hands of the people doing the tech production. B4Media Production has always made us look good. Planning a complex setup, arranging and supervising labor, production, all done in a professional manner that fits with either high wealth donors in America’s finest hotels or concert goers in smelly music venues! Bex and her team are the BEST!”

Janie Graves Hoover-Main Street Vero Beach

“Beckie and her team at B4Media Production went above and beyond when managing the sound for the years we worked together on Main Street’s Hibiscus Festival. Our organization looks forward to the time we can have live entertainment in the park again.”

Anna Lee Keehner-SoulJam Band

“B4 Media is our 1st choice when we need a sound company. Not only is Beckie and her team amazing, but they are reliable and honest. Beckie has a great ear and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Anytime B4 Media is running sound, you are going to sound EXCELLENT!”

Jay Ross Barwick-Barwick Entertainment

“As a DJ, sound is very important to me. Whenever I am playing an event and I know that B4Media is handling the sound, a true sense of calm comes over me because I know that I can focus on just what I do well and they will take care of the rest.”

Kyle Kneifel-Owner Operator at Treasure Coast Park and Watch

“When I needed to cross rent video projectors for my movie night on short notice Beckie had my back! I strongly recommend B4Media Production. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very reliable!”

Kelly Sartain-Owner of Leadership Consultancy 

“B4Media Production is awesome! I have used their services on multiple occasions. Beckie Campbell is a tech genius and very professional. Her team is always on time, easy to work with, and insanely talented. When you hire B4Media Production you won’t have to worry about a thing. They will see to it that your AV and tech needs are under control.”

Pam Smith Rudd-Manager for Blue Cypress Bluegrass 

“Blue Cypress Bluegrass has had the honor of B4Media Productions providing sounds for their band at numerous events. From the very first time we walked up and met Beckie Campbell prior to our stage setup, she brought us assurance she knows how to operate sounds for an all acoustic band. Not only did she make us feel confident in her care, her and her staff did an amazing job for our band and the others as well! It’s been that way every time since! We highly recommend B4Media for your sound and lighting needs!”

Stephen and Juliette Traffton Broadway Singers and Performers

“We love working with Beckie.  Not only is she talented and incredibly skilled in her field, but she delivers while remaining warm, approachable, and with sense of fun! We look forward to each collaboration with her.  We can do our job well because she does hers with excellence.”

Doug Bailey Production

“5 stars! Beckie and her team at B4Media are magic in the purest sense of the word! When they do it, they do it right! Beckie goes above and beyond, has incredible talent, a remarkable work ethic and sprinkles it all with this magic dust that makes her events sparkle! Book her; you won’t find better!”

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Jett Galindo: Mastering Engineer from The Bakery SoundGirls Podcast

Los Angeles-based mastering engineer and vinyl cutter, Jett Galindo of The Bakery, has worked on albums spanning a wide array of genres and artists–Jamila Woods, the La La Land OST, Barbra Streisand, Weezer, to name a few. Graduating with summa cum laude honors from Berklee College of Music, Jett joined the famed Mastering Lab in 2013 as the sole right-hand woman to pioneer mastering engineer Doug Sax. She worked on various notable vinyl releases including Pink Floyd’s final album “Endless River”. Most recently through The Bakery, Jett has helped pave the way for the growing audiophile releases in the video game industry, mastering award-winning releases such as Lena Raine's Minecraft: Nether Update OST and Rozen & Reven's Legend of Zelda "Children of Termina" album. Outside of mastering, Jett also serves as a contributing writer for various trade publications and organizations (iZotope’s LEARN portal, Women in Sound, SoundGirls, etc.).  
  1. Jett Galindo: Mastering Engineer from The Bakery
  2. Kimberley Thomas: Cruise Ship Production Manager & audio engineer
  3. Claire Murphy: Backline tech, tour manager, and author
  4. Karrie Keyes SoundGirls Co-Founder & Monitor Engineer for Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder
  5. Grace Royse: 18-year veteran Production Manager & Audio Engineer